Safe shaving starts with Sectolin.

Sectolin Clipper SE-210

The SE-210 is a powerful 10W clipper for your horse. With the 2 included removable and rechargeable batteries, you can quickly and easily clip the small surfaces of your horse. The machine is also equipped with a ceramic razor blade. This becomes les…

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Sectolin Clipper SE-600

The SE 600 is a powerful (120 watts) razor which is suitable for shaving the whole horse. The machine is equipped with a 3 mm razor blade. In addition, an extra 3 mm razor blade in the case included. The shaving machine comes with a maintenance kit, …

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Sectolin Clipper SE-Mini

The Sectolin Clipper SE-Mini is a 3W clipper designed for grooming your animals. The clipper is light, has a muted shaving sound, a comfortable grip and is easy to use. The clipper is used with or without power cord. Includes 4 set-up combs (from 3mm…

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